Christabel is the most gentle and compassionate yoga teacher I have ever had. Her individual approach helped me to listen and reconnect with my body, mind and spirit, and engage in a more holistic approach to my practice and my wider life.”
— Rose Miyonga, Portugual

“Christabel has proven time and time again how dedicated and compassionate she is. I always leave her yoga session feeling inspired by her passion for what she does. I have been practicing yoga for nearly 4 years and have had many different experiences and teachers but Christabel is different. She has a wonderful ability to connect with each and every person in the room, helping them along their individual journeys with innate awareness. She is unlike any other and always makes the whole experience so enjoyable.”
— Cara - London

‘Christabel is the best yoga teacher I have ever had! Her vinyassa classes are open to all levels and she encourages and tailors to the needs of all individuals in the class. Christabel puts great emphasis on the importance of the meditative aspects of yoga, and how these should be applied outside of the sessions. While her classes have greatly improved my flexibility, and I have seen a difference each week, it is the additional meditative benefits that I have felt that makes her teaching exceptional!’
— Gabi Champagne, London

‘I love learning yoga with Christabel. She is a wonderful teacher who gently inspires you to go deeper in your practice, integrating the physical asanas with yogic philosophy and leaving you feeling light, happy and wanting to learn more. Her classes are flowing and fun, as well as intimate and tailored to all levels of ability- I couldn’t recommend more!’
— Annabel Moodie, London

“Christabel’s classes embrace both the physical and the spiritual. Our weekly class rapidly became the highlight of my week, providing me with the time away from the urban hustle-and-bustle that I so needed. Within weeks, I was already noticing the benefits. As a keen sports player, my stamina and speed were markedly improved. In a spiritual sense, Christabel’s yoga classes helped me to gain perspective, and subsequently I became much better at dealing with issues that came my way. Christabel’s knowledge of yoga and her care for you as a person help leaps and bounds in creating not just a flexible body, but a whole new, happier lifestyle. For this, I am very grateful.” – Ben Sullivan
— Ben Sullivan, London

“I’ve been practising yoga on and off for years, but Christabel’s teaching has completely transformed my practice. Her serene approach makes classes enjoyable and soothing, meaning that I always look forward to them. She is very intuitive and tailors each class to suit the specific needs of the body that day. Christabel has helped me to establish a connection with my body and gain control of my mind. The effects stay long after class and carry into my everyday life. Her commitment to the art of yoga is inspiring and she has motivated me into regular practice. Above all, she is a pleasure to be around.”
— Sara-Ella Ozbek, London

‘I joined Christabel on her yoga retreat in Corsica and left with such a beaming smile and feeling very deeply revived. I experienced some massive benefits and have continued to practice since. There are yoga teachers and there are yoga teachers...Christabel has a wonderful way about her - I would recommend her to anyone’
— Roo, London

“Joining this retreat came for me as the realisation we all get settled in our own domestic life, in our own routine. Taking everything - the earth, ourselves and others - for granted.
That’s the reason I embarked on this adventure, this wonderful retreat to learn more about who I am, about other without the comfort of my best friends, my landmarks around. To push, challenge and open myself to new possibilities.

The venue was a wonder, Laura and Christabel were lovely souls to guide us throughout our journey.
The art/hula-ing/chanting classes were a window into a beautiful world made of joy, ceremony, openness that moved and still moves me.
The yoga sessions were an enlightenment, so well-balanced that as a fairly new-comer to yoga I felt improving, reaching within me every second of every asanas. I feel changed for the better, more in touch with myself and the world around.

As I go back to my life, my reality, I’m trying to apply everything that I learnt.
Imperfections are beautiful, imperfections are what makes us our unique self, part of a bigger universe. We tried for so long erasing all our cracks with superficialities that we forgot what makes us human, grounded, linked to the earth. The path we go through is way more important than anything else.
Yoga taught me this. It is not about doing the most beautiful asanas, it is about the way we keep improving with every breath, the way we make one with the movement and the world around.

Did I get challenged, yes! Did I love it, every minute of it!

To conclude with one of the numerous things I learnt from the wonderful wild women accompanying me on this retreat: life is beautiful, others and ourselves are to be cherished, nurtured.

— Elodie Saccoccio, France