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Weekly yoga at work is a wonderful way to deal with a stressful environment and helps curb anxiety, stress, low-morale and reduced productivity. Practicing yoga increases creative energy, confidence, mental alertness, positive thinking, memory, focus and concentration while also reducing muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions and builds up strength and flexibility.

prices range from £60-£100

Classes can be 45-90 minutes depending on your schedule and can take place any time during the day.

please get in touch to ask any questions or arrange a class


or call: 07545988979

Christabel is the best yoga teacher I have ever had! Her vinyasa classes are open to all levels and she encourages and tailors to the needs of all individuals in the class. Christabel puts great emphasis on the importance of the meditative aspects of yoga, and how these should be applied outside of the sessions. While her classes have greatly improved my flexibility, and I have seen a difference each week, it is the additional meditative benefits that I have felt that makes her teaching exceptional!
— Gabi Champagne