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Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda & Vinyasa Krama

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The success in yoga lies not in attaining certain postures, but in how it heals and transforms our relationship with ourselves, each other, Nature and Spirit.

Christabel is a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist trained in Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Sri Desikachar. In 2017 she completed a Masters in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation, SOAS.

At the heart of Christabel’s practice and teaching is the exploration of how we can come back to our most natural state and how we may un-peel the layers that are preventing us from connecting to our inherent peace and power - to our wholeness.

As a Yoga Therapist Christabel specialises in one-to-one sessions but also teaches popular weekly group classes around London to cultivate community and accessibility. Classes generally incorporate asana, pranayama, sound, relaxation, visualisation, chanting and meditation practice however, staying true to her tradition, no two classes are the same and instead the tools of Yoga employed are a reflection of the individual(s) in front of her.

Christabel hopes that in the short-term students leave her classes feeling lighter than when they first arrived, that they develop greater awareness and focus, and that rather than perpetuating society’s obsession with productivity and growth, students are guided to let go of comparison and to find compassion, joy and wonder in exactly where they are at. In the longer-term, Christabel offers deeper and more subtle practices that work to reduce the klesha (the 5 afflictions of fear, ego, doubt, aversion and ignorance) that are the root cause of our suffering. Through consistent, grounded and evolving Yoga practice the klesha can be reduced as our light and clarity expands.

Irrevocably inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, Christabel teaches Yoga not to transcend the world but to actively participate within it whilst carving out a deeper sense of purpose, belonging and connection. Christabel believes that we are relational beings intimately connected to all of Life, therefore to heal we must look to heal our relationships with ourselves, others and the natural world. Seeing activism and Yoga practice as analogous, Christabel co-founded Advaya, a systems change initiative empowering collective action and equipping future leaders with knowledge, practices and skills to address the challenges of our time, instigating a culture shift from consumption to regeneration, from apathy to joyful revolution.

‘Teach what is inside of you. Not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other’ - Krishnamacharya

 Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda

Yoga therapy sessions occur on a 1-1 basis - the traditional way of learning yoga. Each session meets the individual where they are at and uniquely applies the manifold tools of Yoga & Ayurveda in order for the individual to evolve and move past whatever obstacles are preventing them from their optimal health and happiness. In most cases, Christabel will create a short daily practice for the individual to do at home for it is with consistency and dedication that we can create harmonious, deep and lasting change. These practices evolve as the student evolves and adapt to the changing circumstances of their life.



Christabel is the most gentle and compassionate yoga teacher I have ever had. Her individual approach helped me to listen and reconnect with my body, mind and spirit, and engage in a more holistic approach to my practice and my wider life
— Rose Miyonga, Portugual

Upcoming Retreat:

Seeding Deep Change: Yoga, Nature & Practice for Radical Regeneration



Prices from £150 -£450

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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature”

- Joseph Campbell

for those whose minds cannot be fixed, there is a more action orientated type of yoga” - Yoga sūtras2.1

 Yoga, Social Change

& Advaya Initiative

Advaya Initiative is an alternative think-tank seeking solutions to the interconnected crises of environmental destruction and mental health. We see the crises we are faced with today as a call to radical action: an opportunity to evolve, to come together and co-create. We inspire and empower young people and change makers to become activists for a better world, addressing narratives of disempowerment and exploring how to lead authentic lives in harmony with nature. We seek transformation at an individual and collective level while cultivating purposeful lives of connection and belonging.


‘The purpose of yoga is to reduce disturbances and return an individual to his or her inherent peace and power’

- Desikachar


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